Thoughts… from the porch.

Thoughts… from the porch.

there is something to be said to succumbing to the moment before a storm, or perhaps sitting out and sharing the moment with your surround, almost like the dimming of the theater lights in lead up to a performance, there is a gentle wave there, I am able to see each and every single leaf in detail twitching in the rising tide of wind, even leaves bathed in shadows seem illuminated with the backlight of anticipation, there is something in the lore of nature’s core when it comes to summer thunder storms, sure, this is not summer yet, on a technicality, I surely believe the mother is not beholden to the julian shackles of man and our need to define everything within and without, so no, this has the feel of summer thunder, that sudden swift whirl that comes in blazing, as if to ravage the land to the ground with a show of light and furious bellows, no, not yet, for this is the space in the calm, let yourself feel this settling all around you, no late animals stirring about, an occasional straggler of a bird’s call trailing off, the sun well past slumber, dipping below the horizon to wake another ‘sphere, I spy my first lightning bug, a miracle of bio lamination and yet another sure sign a solstice is not the only measure of a season, but thankfully the lightning bug’s cousins, the biting kind are not yet out in legion, so I may enjoy this moment quite unmolested, for a second I think that summer will be here and gone in a blink, but I need to curb such thoughts, and not even mention them, so I won’t, back to the silky bliss that is this, calm before the storm, sometimes a cliché is a proper cloak as this may be the case, this space, so wide and calm, drifting circles in pond fading out in to smaller crests until gone, each breath I draw feels like this, I can see my exhale rippling outward and as it fades and I breath in to fall into a cycle, so here I sit, on the same common porch I’ve known, a moment I have known, but since long have not felt, the newness mating with old familiar, not happiness, but contentment, a contentment of life where I wait for the first drop to drop and then I will retreat inside, to hear that song, of a million tone tons playing upon the walls – and windows – and wind.

notes… for the non readers this is me just sitting on the porch riffing, all off the top of my head, a stream of dave-ish-ness… so it is… your thoughts, impressions, invectives are all welcome, so comment away.

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