a love affair (with coffee)… (__)>

a love affair (with coffee)… (__)>

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

I sure love me a cup of joe, or three, but I mostly begrudgingly hold the urge down to two daily, my preferred coffee of convenience is Bustelo, in the K cup (because you know, making a cup of coffee is such a chore), columbian roast is good, espresso roast – a little better, if I am out and about I do like Starbucks, whatever dark roast they have on tap for the day, one stevia, skim, just a dash, for color I think, or maybe I like the cool bloom the milk makes as it mushrooms up from the bottom of the cup, I have little stops by some of my accounts around the NYC/NJ area, gorilla in brooklyn (ok, a bit pretentious but great brew – the maple latte slays), joe coffee in manhattan, haylee’s in wayne nj (RIP), red pipe in forest hills, cafe grumpy in greenpoint (their turmeric lemonade in the summer… oy…), and all sorts of other spots in between, sometimes I get kona from this little stand in hawaii, got turned on to it years ago, kona is the best smelling coffee (just not as strong as some caffeine wise, and heck, sometimes, OK, most of the time I want that kick as well as the robust waves of flavor to savor), reminds me of which, my cup, sitting there on my desk, quite empty, screaming for a fill, or is that my internal coffee fiend prowling the dark sidewalk corners looking for a score, no matter, quarter after 4, time for one last more, of that liquid happiness in a tin cup, my coffee. Things I recommend (not sponsors or pay links, you get my advice for free…)

notes… hey ! I like your thoughts, your comments, your mind, your eyes… heck, all of it… so thanks for the look the read, the moment, I am like that chocolate box Forest Gump was obsessed with… you never know…. and that is what you should expect…. internet gurus be damned, this is me, deal.

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